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Talk about polar opposites. This coach doesn’t deserve to be the water boy for this coach.

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Ligon Duncan, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Jackson, Mississippi, recently posted how he would like people, especially his congregation, to pray for him. I think the list is so good, I covet anyone doing the same for me. So here it is…feel free to pray these things for me as often as you like:


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Summing Up Straight Up

I’m back from another outstanding Straight Up Conference in suburban Chicago. Pastor James and the servant-hearted, talented group of leaders at Harvest Bible Chapel-Rolling Meadows/Elgin know how to put together a conference that is encouraging, inspiring, instructive, and challenging.  Every year I return with my batteries recharged and with fresh ideas for ministry.


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3 Leadership Words

I want to pass along to you three great leadership words I picked up from my good friend Kent Shaw, executive director of the Harvest Bible Fellowship (along with my thoughts).  These describe the leadership culture at Harvest:

SIMPLICITY – The Apple people have it down. Google has it down (just go to their front page!). Simplicity is genius.  Simple is understandable.  Simple is memorable. Less is more.  Keep it simple.

CLARITY – It takes hard work to be clear.  Think yourself clear before you communicate.  Clarity is good friends with simplicity, so the better you become at both, the more you see how they complement one another. 

URGENCY – Eliminate the unimportant things by focusing on the urgent. Get things on the table NOW. Do things NOW.  Witness to someone NOW.  We are in the most important and urgent business in the world: making disciples. “Now is the day of salvation.” – 2 Corinthians 6.2

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